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We were born in Germany in 1982

Fritz and Michael Sieber started with their family and a handful of employees in a backyard. Since then a lot has changed:

The family of the Simba Dickie Group

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4,000 products
20 brands
2,900 employees
30 sites worldwide
9 production facilities

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Family tradition

In a family company, it goes without saying that everyone assumes responsibility.

The Board of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP: Uwe Weiler (COO), Florian Sieber (CEO), Michael Sieber (company founder and shareholder) and Manfred Duschl (CFO) (f.l.t.r.).

With the next generation, the successful continuation in the sense of the company’s founders and vision is secured (f.l.t.r.): Maximilian Stork (Director Product Management & Design), Florian Sieber (CEO), Michael Sieber (company founder and shareholder), Felix Stork (Director Corporate Marketing).

In order to secure the future of the family business, company founder Michael Sieber set the course in good time and on 21 May 2021 handed over the management of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP to his son Florian Sieber.

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We are an international corporation, breathing the spirit of a family